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Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 167.6lbs (11st 13lbs 6oz, 76.02kg)
Week’s loss: 2.4lbs (1.09kg) 
Total loss: 70lbs (5st 0lbs, 31.75kg)

I DID IT! 5 stone by Christmas goal reached!

I am over the moon and also under 12 stone. I could not be happier. :D Best Christmas present ever. Only 20lbs left to go and that’s nothing after losing 70 of those badboys. Going to hit the gym in the New Year and tone up too.

I am so happy. ^^

Updated pics to come in the New Year after I’ve lost my “Christmas bloat”.

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 170lbs (12st 2lbs, 77.11
Week’s loss: 3lbs (1.36kg)
Total loss: 67.6lbs (4st 11lbs 6oz, 30.66kg)

I’m creeping up on that “5 stone by Christmas” goal. :D I’m really chuffed to have shifted that much this week as I haven’t stuck rigidly to DietChef - I had food and alcohol at my work’s Christmas party on Friday night and had a pizza the night previous when we had horrendous weather. What I will say is that even on my “naughty” days not a calorie has gone uncounted and I have turned away from a lot of stuff that I would have eaten without a second thought before. I didn’t have pudding at the Christmas party and I also didn’t partake of the mince pies and hot chocolate that were circulating on Friday afternoon. Quite proud of myself for that!

I know I haven’t updated with body shots for a while. I plan to do that sometime next week when I’m not so busy (and I’ve remembered to charge my camera. Oops.)

I’m feeling so much better about everything these days. I’m closing in on being a stone lighter than I’ve ever been and it’s noticeable in my body and what it will tolerate. I can wear heels a lot longer now, which I love because they make me feel really feminine!

Only 1st 9lbs/23lbs/10.43kg to go until I’ve reached my goal. That feels like nothing now!

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 173lbs (12st 5lbs, 78.47
Week’s loss: 1lbs (0.45kg)
Total loss: 64.6lbs (4st 8lbs 6oz, 29.30kg)

Losing a 1lb this week might not seem like an achievement, but considering I reintroduced carbohydrates I’d be expecting to put a little weight on this week. When you have carbs in your diet your body holds a glycogen store, what most people call “water weight” - if you eat nothing but protein this disappears which is why people see huge weight loss in the first week of a VLCD. This store weighs different amounts for different people and as I only lost 7lb in my first week so I had expected that my glycogen stores would only weigh 1-4lbs. Really pleased that I lost rather than put on weight this week!

Diet Chef has been great - really loving the food. The portion sizes seem huge to me now. I had pizza on Friday with my work colleagues to celebrate my return to food too. I really enjoyed it, but it was no big deal and I felt so full afterwards!

I got a lot of compliments this week! People suddenly seem to be noticing my weight loss in a big way. I’ve had a lot of “you’re so small now!” comments. My ego has been sufficiently massaged!

I also bought myself two dresses from H&M - both size 14 and both a great fit. My size 14 jeans have now got to the point of needing belted to keep them up too. Size 12 here I come! :]

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 174lbs (12st 6lbs, 78.93kg)
Week’s loss: 2lbs (0.91kg)
Total loss: 63.6lbs (4st 7lbs 6oz, 28.85kg)

Another 2lbs off this week, which means I will be starting Diet Chef on Thursday half a stone away from where I wanted to be. It’s disappointing, but I can’t put off switching any longer. Too many social gatherings involving food coming up.

I can put my low losses the last two weeks down to the fact that I appear to now be out of ketosis meaning I’m not experiencing one of the big benefits of the Cambridge Diet. This was done on purpose though as I wanted to slowly work my way out of ketosis and build up my daily calories to be prepared for moving back on to real food.

My Diet Chef delivery arrived yesterday. While all the food looks scrumptious, it was difficult to find places to store 36 days worth of food!

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 176lbs (12st 8lbs, 79.83kg)
Week’s loss: 2lbs (0.91kg)
Total loss: 61.6lbs (4st 5lbs 6oz, 27.94kg)

Only 2lbs off this week, which is a bit disappointing as that leaves me with 8lbs left to knock off before the beginning of December which may not be doable. I might have to try and move around a hell of a lot in the next two weeks to try and stimulate some losses. Still! Onwards and upwards!

I will officially ‘quit’ Cambridge Diet (at least for the holiday season) a week on Thursday so I only have one full CD weigh-in left. I’ll have enough packs to take me up to the Sunday, but I wanted to be eating again a little before that.

I’ll be moving on to Diet Chef which is pre-prepared meals sent to you by a company just outside Edinburgh. I know a couple of people who have used it to lose and done really well (including my dad who has lost 21lbs so far. Go daddy!) so although I’ll see my losses slowing down in December I’m hoping they won’t stop.

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 178lbs (12st 10lbs, 80.74kg)
Week’s loss: 3lbs (1.36kg)
Total loss: 59.6lbs (4st 3lbs 6oz, 27.17kg)

As I clued my friends into earlier in the week, this weigh in now means I’m officially no longer obese. :D I now have a BMI of 29.6.

Go team Mandy!

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 183 lbs (13st 1lbs, 83.00kg)
Week’s loss: 4lbs (1.81kg)
Total loss: 54.6lbs (3st 12lbs 6oz, 24.77kg)

I am back at my lowest adult weight, meaning next week (provided I drop some weight) I will be the lightest I have ever been!

Wahoo! :D

I also now fit (albeit with muffin top) into my aspirational size 14, non-forgiving skirt. I bought myself a size 12 dress as my next aspirational clothing goal. I don’t think I’ll ever fit into anything smaller than a size 12 dress unless my boobs shrink drastically, so hopefully it’ll always fit.

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 187 lbs (13st 5lbs, 84.82kg)
Week’s loss: 2lbs (0.91kg)
Total loss: 50.6lbs (3st 8lbs 6oz, 22.95kg)

4lbs to go until I’m back to my lowest adult weight and 1st5lbs to go until I switch back to regular food dieting.

This is my 810kcal week, which means I will probably come out of ketosis, though I may not. I’m using the extra calories to step up my exercise and try and tone up - I was a size smaller at 13st1lb last time because I was much more toned up, so going to try get back to that shape again.

This is likely to mean my weight loss slows down quite a bit on the scales. Thanks to the excellent genetics my parents passed down to me (thanks mum and dad! <3) I build muscle really easily so those 2lb a week losses of fat are likely to be cancelled out by 2lb gains in muscle. We’ll see though!

Start weight: 237.6lbs (16st 13lbs, 107.5kg)
Weigh in weight: 189 lbs (13st 7lbs, 85.73kg)
Week’s loss: 2lbs (0.91kg)
Total loss: 48.6lbs (3st 6lbs 6oz, 22.0kg)

Quick blog today - no pics this week! I’m going to stop doing weekly photos and start doing fortnightly instead. This is so I don’t get discouraged if there doesn’t look to be much difference between one week and the previous week - because my shape is changing quite subtly some weeks I think this is going to give me more encouragement.

Low weigh in this week, but adding together this week and last week’s gives me a 4.5lb average of the last fortnight. Not too shabby!